The NACUSA Exchange 2024

The exchange is a listing for members of NACUSA to list scores or other materials requiring performers or composers.

Thoughts for what might be included on this exchange (this is not an all inclusive list):

A composer has a piece that they would like performed in a recital
A chamber group is looking for new music to perform on an upcoming event
A composer is looking to find someone to make a recording
A chapter has a pool of compositions and are seeking a performer to present

Membership in NACUSA is not required to answer one of these posts. Membership in NACUSA is required to add a post to this exchange.
All members are limited to 4 posts; NACUSA accepts membership, and encourages writers, performers, and all enthusiasts of contemporary composition.
We do not specifically endorse or provide financial assistance for anything on the exchange - but we do monitor and give space for our independent members to participate.